YWAM Strasbourg

We are a pioneer base and our strength is intercultural and urban missions. Our vision is to raise a great family of ministries in the city, focused on impacting and transforming areas of society.

We are a team made up of 8 people of different nationalities. In the year 2022 we left Chile with the word of God in our hearts and with expectations of what God would do in France, specifically in Strasbourg with the aim of opening a new base of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) with the vision of being a bridge from Strasbourg to the nations.

Acts 16:9-10
9 That night Paul had a vision. Standing up, a man from Macedonia—northern Greece—begged him: “Come here to Macedonia and help us!” 10 So we decided to leave immediately for Macedonia, having come to the conclusion that God called us to preach the Good News there.


Our focus as a base is the transformation and impact of the seven areas of society: Economy, Government, Family, Education, Celebration, Communication and Religion.

Forming leaders who influence the world to bring glory to God in all areas of society We believe that when God is glorified in a specific area, that area can return to its original purpose, because all things were created by and for Christ ( Colossians 1:16).